• Leadership Maryville

  • Leadership Maryville 36 is well underway!

    The program is designed to nurture and engage the leadership skills of potential and current leaders by providing an atmosphere that stimulates and fosters diverse viewpoints, resulting in innovative answers to the critical questions facing our community. The program strives to create awareness and to connect leaders with issues; it is not an academic leadership training program. Leadership Maryville includes community immersion, leadership training, and educating participants on “how things work” in our community and county.

    Leadership Maryville is a seven-month program offering learning opportunities in an atmosphere that stimulates creative thinking and encourages participants to work together to utilize both new and proven tools to meet the challenges of today and to prepare for tomorrow. 

    For any questions related to sponsorship or participation, contact Becky Albrecht at director@maryvillechamber.com or call at 660.582.8643. 


    Cohort 36 includes Logan Lighfoot from Maryville R-II, Jim Dropinski from Kawasaki, Taylor Farris from Bank Midwest, Tanner Walter from Ag Power, Stian Bjotveit from Maryville Public Library,  Lauren Adams from NWMSU Marketing & Communication, Annie Arvidson from Maryville Public Library, Amanda Brown from Mozingo Recreation Park and Events Center, Bailey Christensen from Mosaic, Bailey Ferguson from Maryville Parks & Recreation and Bearcat Boogie, Annie Punt from NWMSU, Grace Stephens from NWMSU Career Services.

  • Class of 2023
  • Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce Stakeholder: