• Relocation

  • Whether you're looking to move, someone who has recently moved, or just want some information, the Greater Maryville Chamber is the place to go. Don't forget to look at our Member Directory and our Viewbook!  Check out our Real Estate, Rentals or Apartments and find your new home today. 


  • New Resident Program

  • Welcome to Maryville!

    If you are a new resident who is moving or has recently moved from outside the area to within a five mile radius of Maryville, you are eligible to participate in the Maryville Chamber of Commerce Newcomer Program. (Traditional college students are ineligible due to similar programs offered to them through Northwest.)

    In addition to the Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce, several Maryville businesses sponsor the New Resident Program. We would like to welcome you to your new home and present you with important, interesting information concerning Maryville! In addition, there are a number of small gift items and/or coupons from the participating businesses for you to enjoy! There is absolutely no obligation, no selling involved and, of course, there is no charge to you for this service. It's just simply our way of saying "Welcome.. We're happy you chose Maryville to call home!"

    For more information contact the Chamber New Resident Director Nicole  at 660-582-8643.

    Thank you again for choosing Maryville to call home, and we look forward to hearing from you!



  • Important Numbers

  • Electricity & Gas

    • Evergy
      1824 E. First Street
    • United Electric Cooperative
      30208 US Hwy 136
    • Liberty Utilities


    • Maryville Water Department
      415 North Market
    • Public Water District #1


    • Suddenlink
      1122A South Main
  • Cell Phone Service

    • Northwest Cell
      1218 S. Main
    • Wal-Mart
      AT&T, Sprint & Verizon Dealer
      1605 S. Main

    Internet Service

    • United Services
      United Fiber Internet
      30208 US Hwy 136
    • SuddenLink
      1122 S Main St. 
      (888) 822-5151

    Satellite TV Service

    • United Services
      DirectTV Authorized
      (800) 585-6454